Practice Areas

Stanley Law Group is a premier litigation firm whose mission is to achieve the highest possible recoveries for individuals and businesses that have been harmed at work or in the marketplace. We represent clients facing the most challenging circumstances, and we focus on litigating cases that bring positive change to people’s lives by changing the dangerous business practices of negligent defendants. While our case load is specialized, our experience is broad. Our legal professionals have adeptly handled a varied range of cases, from mesothelioma to complex commercial disputes and securities and consumer fraud.

  • Class Actions. In today’s global economy, corporations often protect their bottom line over the needs of customers and the reliability of their products. Individuals lack the resources required to fight against the limitless resources of public companies. Often the damages to one person alone are too small to justify an individual lawsuit. When corporations deceive and mislead consumers and take advantage of their unequal bargaining power, class action is the only way for individuals to right the wrong. Stanley Law Group has served as class counsel in numerous nationwide and statewide class action cases, including cases involving defective products, insurance fraud, consumer fraud, and unscrupulous stock market practices.
  • Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare form of malignant cancer caused by exposure to asbestos that affects the lining of the lungs, the abdomen and the heart. Even though the deadly danger of exposure to asbestos has been well known and documented for decades, the use and sale of asbestos-containing materials remains legal in the United States. People who have worked in certain professions have a higher risk of exposure, as do those who have handled consumer products containing asbestos.
  • Business Torts. The business world can be a cutthroat place, and there are times when a courtroom is the only way to resolve a business dispute. Our litigation attorneys are at home in a courtroom and experienced in front of a jury or a judge. Whether they are dealing with breach of contract, commercial real estate litigation, malfeasance related to mergers and acquisitions, or professional malpractice, we are dedicated to resolving complex business litigation efficiently and successfully.

No matter what legal situation you are facing, you need representation with the talent, experience and integrity to protect your interests. To find out if we can help you, contact Stanley Law Group today.

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