Our Class Action Attorneys Offer Sophisticated And Experienced Litigation Counsel

The bad conduct of big business affects millions of people each year. Fraudulent and deceptive business practices, defective products and misleading representations can cause financial loss, frustration and injury.

Consumers suffer the consequences of these actions, but often feel it is useless to try to fight them. The monetary damages may be small and far less than the cost of litigation. Besides – how can one consumer fight a multi-million dollar corporation and win? What chance does the consumer possibly have at a level playing field?

Stanley Law Group is a full-service litigation firm specializing in class action suits. Nationally known class action lawyer Marc R. Stanley has over 37 years of litigation experience and spearheads the class action practice.

  • Insurance Fraud and Consumer Fraud. American families are working harder than ever to stretch their dollars wisely, and relying on truthful information when purchasing products and services is vital. When financial institutions or consumer service companies take advantage of their dominance in the marketplace to deceive consumers into doing business with them, or insurance companies inflate policyholder premiums, or refuse to honor the terms of their contracts with consumers, a class action is most often the only realistic way for a consumer to fight back. Stanley Law Group has a long history of bringing class action lawsuits to fight for consumers.
  • Securities Litigation. The financial crisis of 2008 brought yet another focus on corporate ethics and governance. If a publicly traded company inflates its stock price by failing to provide proper disclosures, makes misleading market representations or provides false information to its shareholders, class action is the best way for affected stockholders to recover those losses. Stanley Law Group has years of experience prosecuting securities class actions against publicly traded corporations.
  • Defective Products. If a company designs, manufactures or markets a defective product that compromises safety or performance, class action is a highly effective litigation tool to force the company to correct the problem or obtain compensation in lieu of a remedy for the problem.

A class action lawsuit is a complex and lengthy process, and professional and experienced representation is essential. If you believe you have a case, or you would like information about joining an existing class action suit, contact Marc R. Stanley at Stanley Law Group to learn your options.