American families make tough budget choices when buying consumer and financial products and services, choices that demand truthful and accurate information and disclosure. Each day, consumers across the country find themselves the victims of unscrupulous business tactics and practices. If you discover the information relied upon was misleading, incomplete or false, you need experienced and talented class action counsel to help you recover your damages.

Stanley Law Group has served a leading role as primary, lead or co-lead counsel in numerous class action cases that have collectively recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of aggrieved consumers, including a case against Edward D. Jones & Co., based on allegations of a mutual fund and stock brokerage commission kickback scheme that resulted in a $127 million settlement for customers of the firm. Another case against A.G. Edwards & Sons resulted successfully in a $60 million settlement on behalf of customers of the brokerage firm who invested in certain mutual funds.

Our firm served as one of three co-lead counsel in In re Universal Service Fund Telephone Billing Practices Litigation, representing business and residential customers nationwide that resulted in a multi-million-dollar class settlement from Sprint and a multi-million-dollar jury verdict for the class against AT&T that was upheld on appeal. The firm also served as co-lead counsel in a consumer class action against J.C. Penny Corporation that resulted in a settlement of $50 million based on allegations of false price discounts.

If you believe you have been injured by the unfair business tactics of a company that offered you products or services, or if you would like more information about our consumer class action practice, contact the litigation attorneys at Stanley Law Group today.