Since the creation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1972, thousands of products have been recalled due to defects, poor quality control and failure to perform as advertised. Those defects result in monetary loss and even physical injuries, most often to children. Consumers need experienced and talented class action counsel to uphold their legal rights due to the damaging conduct of negligent manufacturers and sellers.

Stanley Law Group has extensive experience investigating and prosecuting defective product class litigation, including cases against manufacturers of consumer appliances and pharmaceuticals. The firm, as Co-Lead Counsel, settled a nationwide class action against Sears Roebuck & Co., after extensive investigation and pre-trial discovery on behalf of a class of almost four million customers. That agreement represented a landmark and virtually unprecedented settlement of a consumer class action case in which Sears agreed to install, free of charge, anti-tip brackets to prevent tipping accidents of its freestanding electric and gas ranges that frequently cause severe burns, crushing and death. Customers who had already paid to have anti-tip brackets installed received reimbursement of the cost of installing the anti-tip brackets, and Sears agreed to install anti-tip brackets on all new ranges sold through January 2011. By, in effect, obtaining a recall, this settlement actually obtained better relief than likely could have been obtained through trial, and it accomplished what the Consumer Product Safety Commission had refused to do for over twenty years.

As a direct result of this case and the public attention it caused, Sears agreed to install anti-tip brackets for non-class members at a significant discount from the usual price.