When hired professionals make mistakes, the consequences can be considerable—especially when the stakes are high. Accountants, lawyers, and even architects can cost clients millions of dollars when they fail to meet the standards of their professions.

Stanley Law Group has significant experience representing victims of professional malpractice in a number of different settings. When a major law firm botched a patent application, we brought a legal malpractice claim on behalf of the client that we settled on the eve of trial, recovering millions of dollars for our client. We took an accounting malpractice claim against one of the “big four” accounting firms all the way to trial, where we again were able to recover millions of dollars for our client in a pre-verdict settlement. And we successfully settled a claim against an architect for failure to appropriately supervise a major construction project.

If you feel that the professional you hired has cost you by failing to meet reasonable expectations, feel free to contact us for a consultation.